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RFID VS Barcode

Posted by Sarah Dothage on Sun, Jan 01, 2012 @ 06:00 PM

Barcode and RFID are competing technologies for some projects that require automatic identification of assets. However, when these technologies are more closely analyzed, the differences are fairly evident.

  RFID Tags Barcode
Ruggedness: Can be embedded in custom carriers allowing for use in most extreme environments Barcode labels are easily torn, peeled off asset and rendered useless when covered in dirt or oil
  No line of sight required Line of sight required
Efficiency: Multiple tags can be read simultaneously One tag read at a time
  No operator required for reads Operator required for each read
Memory: Considerable memory capacity allowing for storage of inspection histories, asset data, etc Extremely limited memory capacity
Uniqueness: Completely unique serial number. No chance for duplication Can only identify a class of goods
Flexibility: Can be written to tens of thousands of times. Write once to a lable
  Tags are reusable Not reusable

Tags: Benefits of RFID, RFID tag carriers

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