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Holland 1916’s RFID division is dedicated to providing custom manufactured and highly rugged RFID tag solutions intended for the most hazardous environments. Holland’s durable RFID tags can be found on assets in industries  that require unique, ruggedized inventory and asset tracking solutions, such as Oil & Gas, Construction, and Mining. By embedding RFID transponders into metal or high-density synthetic carriers, RFID can now be used in extreme applications where the technology would not have worked in the past. Holland 1916's rugged RFID tag carriers allow customers to tag assets and equipment that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions—including extreme temperatures and exposure to oil, chemicals, water, dust and other contaminants—to enable asset management, inspection and compliance, maintenance, field service, and other applications. Holland 1916's solutions allow companies to deploy highly accurate automated data collection in conditions that would quickly destroy off-the-shelf RFID tags or traditional bar code labels.

Each RFID opportunity is managed using the Holland 1916 manufacturing methodology:

Discovery: Gain complete understanding of the application and RFID tag challenges

Design: Custom design a tag solution that addresses all challenges the application presents

Manufacture: Holland 1916 has broad, mass manufacturing capabilities

Test: All products are individually tested to ensure the highest quality

Private Labeling
Custom Human Readable Graphics
Highest Durability Standards IP69 IK-10
Chemical Etching
Custom Attachment Options
Individual Barcoding
Injection Molding
Color Coding
Stainless Steel
High Density Synthetics
RFID Encoding